Tim Frendberg

Telecommunications professional: Operations, Marketing and Engineering. BSEE, MBA. International. Problem solver, Leader, Teacher and Student.


I am a results oriented person, and I enjoy an innovative approach to problem solving. I place a high value on building trust and fulfilling commitments to myself and others. I prefer a deliberative approach toward decisions, and I value data-driven arguments. My strengths include change management in teams, and business process improvement. I am motivated to find simple solutions to complex problems, and to share what I have learned. I am particularly proud of the growth of the people that have worked for me.

My Background

My most recent experience at Bright House Networks has been filled with continuous change and challenge. Most leaders there know me as "The Phone Guy”: I have played an essential role in the back office functions that support the company’s telephone offerings since the product was introduced in 2004. Currently, my team is responsible for phone order fulfilment and provisioning for residential customers. I also have responsibility for abuse complaints and acceptable use policy compliance for High Speed Internet users. During my time at BHN, I have been through two Billing System conversions, managed a consumer credit checking program, launched a DMCA complaint response program, and monitored usage for telephone fraud.

Prior to BHN, I spent three years in Germany as an expatriate, leading an international engineering and design team. We were modernizing in-building cable networks in Dusseldorf and Cologne to offer competitive VoIP and High Speed Internet service. There were many technical, political and cultural challenges to overcome with this assignment. I owe a lot to my wife for her encouragement and allowing me to take on this unique opportunity. While in-country, she maintained a home for us and our children in an environment that was not always easy to navigate.

Much of my professional growth occurred at Scientific Atlanta. This is where I transitioned from "Engineer" to "Manager." I had many assignments there, but the most memorable involved developing in-country manufacturing and licensing agreements in Latin America. During my time at S-A, I also witnessed the transformation of the U.S. Cable Television industry into a competitive telecommunications alternative.

In 2008, I completed an Executive MBA Program at the University of South Florida. The classes consisted of working professionals that started and completed the program together. Here are some of the more memorable lessons from the program: